Using AED

  1. Open case and power AED. Follow instructions.
  2. Attach AED pads over victim’s bare chest.
    • Connect cables.
    • Do no stop CPR during these steps and make sure to be done within 30 seconds.
  3. Clear victim and allow AED to analyze rhythm
  4. If rhythm is shockable:
    • Shout clear to clear victim
    • Shock victim
  5. If rhythm not shockable:
    • Immediately resume CPR
  6. Allow AED to reassess rhythm after 5 cycles or 2 minutes of CPR

AED Pad Placement:

Anterolateral placement

  1. Place one pad directly below right collarbone
  2. Place second pad at your right side of the left nipple – Pad’s top edge must be placed 7 to 8cm below armpit

AP placement

  1. Place one AED pad in the center of victim’s bare chest and other pad in center of victim’s back


Place one AED pad to the victim’s left sided bare chest – between breastbone and nipple and place the other pad at the left side of victim’s back, beside the spine

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