Team Dynamics

Elements of Effective Team Dynamics

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Rescuers define roles clearly
  • Delegate tasks according to skills
  • Know limitations and ask for advice and help early
  • Offer constructive intervention when an incorrect or inappropriate action occurs


  • Share knowledge by sharing observations and feedback
  • Summarize treatment record
  • Reevaluate victim’s status, interventions and algorithm progress
  • Inform members of victim’s changing conditions
  • Use closed-loop communication
    • Team leader assigns tasks by using member’s names and eye contact
    • Team member repeats order and acknowledges his role. Inform team when task is done.
  • Give clear messages using clear language, loud voice and calm tone
  • Show mutual respect: talk in a respectful, friendly, calm and controlled voice. Avoid shouting and aggression

Coaching and Debriefing

  • CPR coaching improves compressions quality and ventilation
  • Debriefing occurs after resuscitation event
    • Reflect on performance
    • Identify points of improvements
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