Chest compression Technique

  1. Positive self at victim’s side
    • Victim should be placed on flat and firm surface, face up.
  2. Position hands and body
    • Hands: heel of one hand at center of victim’s chest in lower half of breastbone while heel of second hand on top of first
    • Straighten arms
    • Position shoulders directly above hands
  3. Compress chest with rate of 100 to 120/min
  4. Maintain chest compression depth of at least 5 cm
  5. Allow chest recoil
  6. Minimize interruptions

Alternate technique

  1. Put first hand on victim’s breastbone
  2. Grasp wrist of first hand with the second hand
  3. Compress chest

Pregnant Women

  1. Place victim face up on flat, firm surface
  2. Manually perform lateral uterine displacement to relieve pressure on large blood vessels
  3. Perform CPR
  4. If more than 1 rescuer:
    • Continuously perform lateral uterine displacement
    • Rescuer 2 provides high quality CPR
  5. If victim achieves ROSC, place victim on left side for better circulation

Giving Breaths: two techniques

Head tilt-chin lift
  1. Place hand on victim forehead. Push with palm the head back
  2. Place fingers of other hand under chin
  3. Lift jaw until chin is forward
Jaw thrust (use when spinal injury is suspected)
  1. Position self at victim’s head
  2. Place each hand on each side of victim’s head
  3. Place fingers under angle of lower jaw and lift the jaw forward
  4. If lips remain closed, push lower lip
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