Barrier Devices

Pocket Mask 

  1. Position self at victim’s side.
  2. Using victim’s nose bridge as guide, place pocket mask on victim’s face.
  3. To seal themask:
    • Place your index finger and thumb at top edge of themask.
    • Put thumb of other hand at bottom edge of themask.
    • Use remaining fingers of second hand and place along thebony area of the jaw and lift. Open victim’s airway through head tilt-chin lift maneuver.
    • While lifting the victim’s jaw, press around the complete outside edge of the mask firmly to seal it to the victim’s face.
  4. Give victim each breath over 1 second while ensuring chest rise.

Bag Mask

  1. If only 1 rescuer is at thescene:
    1. Position self directly over the victim’s head
    2. Put the bag mask on their face and position itcorrectly.
    3. Hold the mask in the correct position and lift the jaw to open thevictim’s airways to perform E-C clamp technique:
      • Perform headtilt.
      • Put the mask on thevictim’s face.
      • Use your thumb and index finger to Make a “C” shape on the side of the mask while pressing the edges of the mask down to victim’s face.
        1. Squeeze bag and deliver each breath over 1 second. Ensure chest rise.
  2. If 2 or more rescuers at thescene:
    • Rescuer 1: Position directly above victim – Open airway – Position bag-mask device – follow steps of bag-mask technique (1 rescuer) above
    • Rescuer 2: Position at victim’s side – Squeeze bag
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