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No-Test Renewal- Emergency Covid Procedures

A program unique to us! We understand these unprecedented times have made it challenging to renew. We are the only provider on the web able to offer our special No Test Renewal Program. No Test Renewal allows clients to renew without testing. If you are a new to us client, we'll need proof of previous AHA certification, or certification from another accredited online provider. You can email this to info@onlinemedcerts.brightness-demo.com . After purchase and verification of authenticity, we'll provide your updated certificate and special training bulletins as a refresher. Your certificate will not reflect that you have chose this option. You'll find our No Test Products listed directly below the traditional testing versions.

Competitor Vendor

Did you accidentally certify with another vendor previously? You may be eligible for special competitive pricing and our no-test renewal program if your prior vendor is on our approved list. Proof of previous certification required.

Group Discount

Purchasing for multiple participants? We’re happy to provide a volume-based discount.

Corporate Discount

Is your employer already part of our corporate discount program? In addition to discounts, we provide a high level of administrative support to our corporate partners.

Skills Testing

If your employer requires a hands-on skills testing session, we provide the forms to you at no additional charge by contacting us after your complete your online exam.

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