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Are you ready to be part of the COVID-19 vaccine team?  Pharmacy Technicians nationwide will be needed to administer the COVID-19 vaccines!

The Pharmacy Technician exam is an online examination for pharmacy technicians. The exam is appropriate for participants who have completed an accredited pharmacy technician program or have 5 years work experience as a Pharmacy Technician that can be verified. If you have graduated from a credentialed pharmacy tech program or have a minimum 5 years work as a pharmacy tech, you are eligible to renew your certification through this exam. . The exam takes approximately one hour to completely 100% online from any location. To begin the process of renewing your Pharmacy Tech credentials, valid for a period of two years – first make your payment. After payment, complete the online education/work experience verification form found below. Completed education forms should be submitted to our office by email at info@onlinemedcerts.com

Pharmacy Technician Exam Curriculum

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