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  • Internationally Accepted: The Online Med Certs ACLS course follows standardized international guidelines.

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  • Always updated – courses are based on the AHA 2020-2025 guidelines
  • Use any device – access your course from mobile, tablet, or desktop/laptop
  • Printable resources – keep copies of the ACLS algorithms for easy on-the-go reference
  • Evidence-based training – 50+ pages of high-quality training materials
  • Instant proof of skills – no waiting for your certificate!
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Advanced Cardiac Life Support
This card certifies that the individual below has successfully completed the ACLS cognitive evaluation in accordance with all internationally established guidelines and curriculum for as set forth by the Online Med Certs.
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Issued Date: June 23, 2024

Expiration: June 23, 2026

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Even better, take advantage of a Lifetime Product for your ACLS certification. No need to worry about forgetting to renew – every two years, we’ll send you the updated training bulletin for the ever-changing ACLS guidelines. Review your training bulletin and get your updated certification without the need for a test!

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Everything you need to know about taking your ACLS certification

ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support. This course teaches life-saving skills such as stroke identification, drug administration for refractory VC/Pulseless VT, airway management in clinical situations, and more.

This training is intended for medical and healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, and more.

The training provided is specialized for professions that work with medical or healthcare situations on a daily basis.

Our certifications are 100% online.

Online Med Certs follows all standardized international guidelines. Our certifications have been accepted around the world by employers and educational institutions since 2005. However, we will always recommend that you speak with your employer prior to purchasing a course if you’re uncertain it will be accepted.

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