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OnlineMedCerts Services was the web’s first provider of online certification exams, beginning in 2005. Our original site, cprtrainingfast.com, focused on our flagship certifications in BCLS, ACLS and PALS. Following all international standardized guidelines, our certifications have been accepted worldwide by nearly 200,000 people. Our clients range from individual healthcare professionals to urgent care corporations, staffing agencies, hospital systems, higher education facilities and military installations.  To meet the evolving demands of healthcare professional’s certification needs, we have developed a full portfolio of programs to meet your needs, anytime from anywhere.

Most frequent questions and answers

Your login is something you created during checkout.  Your username is your email address.  Be sure you are using the correct email address if you have multiple.  If you have forgotten your password, use the red reset button that is on the login page.

Begin by completing your purchase.  Our system will automatically create your account with a randomly generated password at checkout and will email you the password, along with your receipt.  To prepare for your exam, visit the “Free Prep Materials” page to view optional downloads and videos. To begin testing, click “My Courses” from the top toolbar.  If you are unable to complete your exam in one sitting, your results will automatically save and you can return later.  Your exam is automatically graded and your printable certificate can be located under “My Courses”.

Begin by logging in.  If you do not know how to login, follow the directions on this page. Once you have logged in, navigate to My Courses in your account.  You can print copies of your certificates from there following the instructions for your particular browser/device.  Typically, right click works. 

If you are a new customer, email a copy of your most recent certificate to info@onlinemedcerts.brightness-demo.com.  Please wait for processing during business hours.  Your certificate will be in My Courses in your account when it is complete.

Yes.  During checkout you will see an option to select group purchase. By clicking “enroll”, you are adding yourself as the group contact which will allow you to see the status of the other group participant’s exams and certificates.

How to purchase and manage group document

You have unlimited retakes

Your account is created for you automatically during the checkout purchase.  Your username is the email you used and a password is emailed to you, along with your receipt.  You do not need to use the password if you automatically return to the site after checkout.

Yes, we offer the same exam for each level however, if you are renewing your certificate and previously scored a 90%+, you should consider our No-Test Renewal Program. Visit the Special Programs page for more information.

Your certificate is available to you immediately after exam completion under the “My Courses” tab.  You can immediately print it or return at a later time.

No. Although we follow the exact same guidelines and course content, you may only receive an AHA or ACS card by physically attending an AHA or ACS course. Cards are issued by our company and state our name only.

The AHA and ACS do not have the authority to endorse other vendors. They are providers of courses and exams, not an accrediting body.

Yes, as we follow all international guidelines. Please confirm with your employer prior to purchase.

Yes, we are accredited by American Medical Research Associates.

Our certifications are 100% online.  

Two years from issue date.

Customer service is available  by email at info@onlinemedcerts.brightness-demo.com

We always recommend checking with your employer prior to purchase. We have provided online exams since 2005. In the rare event that an employer does not initially accept your certificate, our customer service team will be happy to contact them directly. We offer a course curriculum sheet for you to present to your employer. The course curriculum sheet shows we follow the exact same curriculum as other internationally accepted providers.

All courses and products are non-refundable. It is the client’s responsibility to check with their employer or school prior to making their purchase to ensure that they accept online certification. Clients who file chargebacks with their credit card company after obtaining certification will have their accounts referred to a collection agency.

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